James and David Only Care About Commission

James and David Only Care About Commission

Josh Altman questions the Brits' motivations.

Wow, was this week action-packed with a ton of Altman drama! I bet none of you have negotiated a house against your fiancée before. Well after a decade in this business and a billion sold, I guess it was bound to happen. The tension was very obvious during the showing. I'm not surprised that Heather had a buyer for this house as she crushes it in that West Hollywood area selling dozens of these types of homes a year. 


My good friend and developer, Ilan, was back at it with another one of his properties. For him it was all about moving it fast. He currently has three other developments and they are 20M, 10M, and 15M. Now you know why he just wanted this property off his plate. Time is money, and his is very valuable. This was the seventh house I have sold him! Watching the Brits, I started to get the same feeling that their client had about them just being about their commission. Offering to list and sell a house in under two weeks shows desperation, lack of confidence, and lack of experience. It is important to keep your cool when dealing with high-end real estate. 

Flagg's property couldn't have been more perfect for him. It's always good to know that if real estate doesn't work out for him, he can fall back on the antique business. I always said he was an old man stuck in a kid's body.


I’m excited to announce that once again The Altman Brothers were rated in the top 25 for realtors in The Hollywood Reporter's annual rankings, making us the only MDL cast members to make the list this year again! 

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