Josh: I Treat Clients' Money Like It's My Own

Josh: I Treat Clients' Money Like It's My Own

Josh also gives details on what happened to Heather's dream home.

Last night’s episode was definitely my favorite episode this season so far and may even be one of my favorite ever. Can we talk about how cool my client Alec Monopoly is? His art is amazing! I love to see someone else succeed at something they are passionate about, just like me. It wasn’t an easy search for the perfect home for Alec. He has lots of cars, so he needs lots of parking for them, and at the same time, he needs a house with great art walls, of course. When I found the perfect home for him, he knew it right away. Great scene where he said that he wanted to buy it and offer them full asking price. Like I said in the show, "Paying full price is against Josh Altman's religion." LOL! I treat my clients' money like it's my own. That's why I am so aggressive when it comes to negotiation and getting my clients the best deal. That also is why 90% of my business is referrals and why I have sold over $1 billion in sales in the past four years.


As a big investor in real estate, I look at homes differently than most people. I always look at what a home can be, not what it is. The fact that Heather and I were able to get that house at such a great price allowed us to look at many possibilities. At the end of the day, we decided to not even touch the house and sold it a few months later for a hefty $1.6 million profit. That’s the name of the game. Sometimes you buy, sometimes you build, sometimes you flip. There’s always another house to buy.

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