Josh: I'd Be Happy to Mentor The Spice Girls

Josh: I'd Be Happy to Mentor The Spice Girls

Josh Altman's offer to mentor David Parnes and James Harris still stands.

We pick up right where we left off, with The Spice Girls and Mr. Rogers. My favorite part about David and James is they have seriously convinced themselves they sell more than me, which means they have convinced themselves they sell more than almost any agent out there! Ha. However, in the opener of this episode they brag that they sold $150 million last year (which is great) but it is nowhere close to my $250 million last year. Anyway, just had to clarify that numbers don’t lie and I am #22 in the country for 2013 and they are not even in the top 100.

Moving on to more important matters, Matt and I sold Danny’s house on San Ysidro for exactly what we told him it was worth! We priced the house at an enticing price point to attract buyers and leave room for negotiations as we knew the buyer was going to be an international person and all internationals love a good negotiation.

Since opening The Altman Brothers, Matt and I have created a network of high profile agents around the world that specifically work with us. In doing so, we have been able to have The Altman Brothers eyes, ears, and bodies on the ground in almost every country! This is huge for our clients who are selling in particular. The synergy between our print, media, and broadcast marketing paired with our agents around the globe has been priceless in connecting clients and properties. You must have a method to your madness, and hopefully The Spice Girls do. If not, like I let them know in the episode, I would be more than happy to mentor them.

[video_clip_url:]For any and all agents or entrepreneurs out there, please take notes from my intern Jacob who interviewed with me. This kid is a kid, but a very smart kid. One of my #1 keys to success is having a mentor. I had a mentor when I got into the business, and I took advantage of every moment I had with him and used his name to create credibility for myself. I would sit on the floor in his office while he would negotiate on the phone, ride in the back of his car during showings, sit in on all his open houses, and just absorb everything I saw and heard. I also picked up his dry cleaning, cleaned his car, and picked up coffee for him, but that’s a small price to pay for a free education! He was the best in the business and I wanted to be the best. As they say, surround yourself with whom you want to become.

And congrats to Flagg for selling the Bel Air property. He can thank me for Kim Kardashian’s comp that he continues to refer to in Bel Air Crest.

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