Josh: Talk About a Fast Deal

Josh: Talk About a Fast Deal

Josh Altman explains what he loves most about working in real estate.

Sorry for the delay, folks. Had a very busy week being the keynote speaker at the Inman News Luxury Connect event at one of my company’s listings in Beverly Hills. It was a $115 million dollar estate!!! I was honored to be a part of an all-star lineup and meet so many realtors from around the world. 

This week’s episode was an amazing sale for The Altman Brothers (#thealtmanbrothers). Talk about a fast deal. Being in the real estate business for over a decade now, we have had deals that happen as quick as what you just saw and others that take years...yes, no joke, years. That’s what is so amazing about being a real estate agent. You never know where you next deal is going to come from and how it will play out. My clients are amazing people and even though Katie’s husband was tough on the phone, we have since become very good friends and have had a couple vacations with them (especially since I had to make it up to Heather). Can’t wait til the next episode!

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