Josh: "Who Books a Venue a Year in Advance?

Josh: "Who Books a Venue a Year in Advance?

Josh Altman dishes on the wedding planner drama and negotiating with his brother.

I loved the episode this week. You got to see The Altman Brothers do what they do best, not only negotiating, but negotiating against each other! I learned everything I know from my older brother Matt, so it was fun putting it to the test. Especially when his client would have paid more and mine would have taken less, LOL! 


Well I guess from the conversation at the wedding planner, we are definitely not even close to prepared for this wedding...I mean who books a venue a year in advance? Really? I don't even know what I'm doing next week.

[video_clip_url:]It was fun having Ryan from the #MDLNY be on our show. Who do you all think won that negotiation? Always fun seeing different negotiation styles on the show. [video_clip_url:]

Heather and I are off to Greece, hope you enjoyed the episode!

See you guys next week! (@thejoshaltman) (@thejoshaltman)

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