Josh Flagg's Record-Breaking Deal

Josh Flagg's Record-Breaking Deal

Josh explains how he managed to sell the Bel Air Crest property for $9 million.

On tonight's episode, the sellers of my Bel-Air Crest listing received and accepted an offer. I worked really hard to get the word out there about this property, because it was previously listed at a higher (overpriced) number, and my hard work paid off. We got an offer, slightly low at first, but you really have to know how to work the negotiation and how to bring buyers up, because there is always a way to squeeze a tad more out of them. You just have to play your cards right. I always make it my goal to get my clients the most money possible. And I succeeded once again. $9,000,000 is a record for this community!

The Faring listing that James and David got is a great property. Their dedication to the project is admirable. Persistence pays off. Not so sure about the Equinox video, but time will tell if it will help sell the property. I believe in more direct marketing, but sometimes you have to think outside the box.


Altman's San Circle finally got an offer, let's see if he can keep that one together. More important than a negotiation is keeping the house in escrow. Stay tuned...

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