David: I Couldn't Help but React

David: I Couldn't Help but React

David discusses the light and dark moments of this week's episode.

I had wondered if this episode would be just as painful to watch as it had been to experience, and it most certainly was! James and I have known each other all our lives, so naturally we fight because we know which buttons to push and where our limits lie. We are also very like-minded (as proven by our unintentionally matched footwear), which means that although I feel the 30-day listing was a huge risk, I likely would've done the same. This listing was doomed from the moment Altman walked through the door of that dinner party. I can't blame James for losing his temper; Altman's behavior was uncalled for and managed to make an already complicated listing even more difficult for us.

While I wanted to stand by James' decision, receiving that email from Matt got me so frustrated that I couldn't help but react. In the moment, it was far easier to blame James than to accept that we'd failed. The disappointment of Sunset Plaza Drive caused both our friendship and our business partnership to falter. A rather dark moment for the #BondStreetPartners!

The light of this episode for me was, of course, getting to take you inside the earlier stages of the home Adrian and I have been building together. She has been a driving force for me since the night I first saw her at that restaurant and that has never faltered since. She is the absolute love of my life, and there is nothing more exciting to me than building a home and a future with her. Stay tuned!

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