David: I Was Most Certainly Put to the Test

David: I Was Most Certainly Put to the Test

David talks about his sober life and why "guy-liner" might have helped with the sale.

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Naturally, this episode was a bit complicated for me. While I was thrilled with the property and so proud of our ability to read the client's needs, I was also most certainly put to the test by this listing.

I've spent nearly seven years dedicating myself to a life of sobriety. James has borne witness to both my previous life and this one and knows me to be a far more grounded person now. My sober life has brought me much success and has given me the greatest love of my life, Adrian. I would never trade the life I have now for a shot of tequila at a Burning Man-themed party, but that doesn't necessarily make it any less difficult to combat circumstances like this.
Outside of my personal trials, the party was precisely what we needed to get brokers and buyers excited about the property--we absolutely succeeded with our outside-the-box thinking. I must say I also enjoyed dressing up...or down, rather...for the occasion. This may be the only time that I can say wearing a bit of "guy-liner" potentially helped with a sale. Now, if only Colin would let us in!

I particularly want to emphasize how spectacular Adrian is. She's truly made our house a home and has gone to great lengths to make me feel relaxed and comfortable in our space. Adrian knows me so well and can sense when I'm being put to the test. I am blessed to have a teammate like her in this life. With her support, I cannot fail. And of course I always love to see Maxi and Bella and our family of dogs. They're our kids and even their questionable table manners make me love them more!

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