David: I'm Glad I'm Not Part of the Joshses Prank War

David: I'm Glad I'm Not Part of the Joshses Prank War

David is thankful to be include in James' anniversary and even more thankful to be left out of the Joshes' sparring match. 

The Two Joshes Face Off

It was such a pleasure to work alongside Josh Flagg on this property. Although, I must admit, I was happy to be left out of the Josh-on-Josh prank war that has been declared. While I hate for there to be drama surrounding a work event, I can't deny that watching the Joshes' verbal jousting is rather entertaining. Outside of these antics, the property and the open house were great. Minus the one large inconvenience--the apartment complex next door. While the complex was a bit of a cramp, I never doubted that the three of us could close this deal. 


It's been such a pleasure to watch James and Valeria's relationship grow over the last eight years. James was a very different person when the two of them met, and I am so proud of all the growing that he's done alongside Valeria. It was an honor to be a part of their fifth anniversary celebration. I love them both dearly and wish them many more beautiful anniversaries together! 

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James Harris Has a Romantic Anniversary Surprise

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