James: Altman Was Hoping to Get a Rise out of Us

James: Altman Was Hoping to Get a Rise out of Us

James thinks he gave Altman exactly what we was looking for.

Altman Can't Help Himself

We're back! New season, new listings, same old Altman.

It was unbelievably irritating to have Josh show up unannounced at our dinner party. This listing meant a lot to David and I, and Altman clearly showed up with every intention of ruining the evening. He was hoping to get a rise out of us, and I very likely gave him exactly what he wanted.

I felt a lot of pressure about Sunset Plaza Drive, as I'd agreed to a 30-day listing. Generally, I wouldn't take such a leap, but I was so passionate about the property, and I feared that if we didn't make a bold move, then we'd lose the listing. I truly believe that in life you must take risks. Win or lose, you will have learned a valuable lesson.

Beyond Altman's antics, this episode really meant a lot to me because it highlighted the beautiful relationship that I have with the three most beautiful women in my life. Valeria, Sofia, and Chloe make every ounce of frustration and stress worth it. They are my greatest blessings and the driving force behind all of my success. Running around with my little girls in the yard (regardless of how out of breath it may make me) is my happy place, even when work creeps in. Juggling my work life and my home life is something I struggle with constantly.


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