James: Little Did We Know What We'd Be Stirring Up

James: Little Did We Know What We'd Be Stirring Up

James Harris admits he might have accidentally stirred up something between the Joshes.

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The Agents Come Together for a Special Birthday

Even in the midst of my darling daughter's princess pink birthday celebration, I still can't seem to prevent my mind from wandering toward work! I am undoubtedly a self-proclaimed workaholic, especially when it comes to properties that excite me as much as Tower Lane. I am proud to say that David and I have become pros at selling tear-down properties based on the potential they have. David and I knew that we would be the right pair for the job, so we jumped right in and put feelers out with every developer in town. This naturally meant that we would reach out to both Joshes, especially after the peace offering that occurred during my recent meal with Altman. We would have been remiss to leave out Altman in our search for the perfect developer, but little did we know what we'd be stirring up! Only time will tell! As long as it doesn't negatively affect the sale of Tower Lane… 

Flagg Steals Altman's Client

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