James Harris: This Was a Huge Episode for Me

James talks about why pulling off this anniversary surprise was such a big deal.

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James Harris Has a Romantic Anniversary Surprise
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This was a HUGE episode for me in MANY ways. I still cannot believe that Valeria and I have been together for eight years. It's a crazy thought to me. Good crazy! I never thought in my previous life that I could hold a relationship together for eight weeks let alone eight years. Today I'm beyond blessed with the perfect wife and two incredible, amazing, beautiful daughters, Sofia and Chloe. I was incredibly nervous about pulling off this surprise for her--she deserves the world, and all I've ever wanted is to give it to her. I owe so much of my life to her. I'm not sure where I'd be without Valeria, and I have no desire to find out! I love that my daughters were able to join us in celebrating--so appreciative of David for his help with that! It meant so much to be able to give Valeria the ring she's always deserved. Moments like that mean far more than any sale ever could. I am very blessed. 


Onto the business side of things, this house would have been a no brainer to sell if it weren't for that eyesore of an apartment complex seated next door, but I suppose we're always up for a good challenge. It was great to have Flagg on our team for this sale. An unstoppable trio, indeed! We were happy to close the deal at over 3 million, and I was so glad to have the support of both Dave and Josh in doing so. Jacques built an incredible property with the perfect finishes. We have since sold another property for Jacques on La Peer which is around the corner. HAPPY DAYS!

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