James: The Glitter Bomb Was a Hilarious Success

James: The Glitter Bomb Was a Hilarious Success

James thinks Heather was laughing almost as much as he was.

First things first, Flagg's glitter bomb was a hilarious success! I adore the fact that Heather was laughing almost as much as I was! Bravo, Flagg.

What an interesting property Beachwood was! It was exciting to have an opportunity to work with a seller that was willing to let us go to such unique lengths to sell their home. The house was incredible and really brought David and I back to our younger years. David and I have partied with the best of them, but we left that life behind long ago. I now have a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters, and David has the lovely Adrian and, of course, Maxi and Bella. While we wouldn't trade our beautiful lives for anything, thinking back on our wilder days still brings a sense of nostalgia. I have always done my best to support Dave and his sobriety and would never put him in a position that I thought he couldn't handle.

it’s rare in our business that we feel so strongly about a property that we have to convince a seller to raise their price! The Beachwood Burning Man party was such a success, and I think we managed to create a "Xanadu experience" that Colin would deem worthy. I suppose we might have assumed with Colin that we should expect the unexpected...


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