Josh Altman: Flagg is Jealous of Me

Josh Altman: Flagg is Jealous of Me

Josh Altman discusses how proud he is of Heather's success and thinks he knows the real reason Flagg doesn't like him.

I love this episode for one reason: You get to see Heather handle business. Everyone loves Heather, and you get to know only a small part of her over the years. What many people don’t know is that Heather is a major force in Beverly Hills real estate. She is one of the main driving factors behind The Altman Brothers' success. I’ve seen her out-negotiate some of the baddest sharks in the LA real estate sea. Although not surprised, as she swims with the biggest. This is the biggest listing of her career at 25M! You got to see what type of money it takes to market one of these buildings, and it’s a lot more work than you see on the episode. It's months of preparation. The Altman Brothers and Douglas Elliman represent some of the most exciting new development buildings coming to LA. They are going to not only change the landscape of the town but change the game as it turns to vertical living, which LA was never known for. The building in Hancock Park is awesome, and I’m sure will sell out fast with all the international marketing The Altman Brothers are doing for it.


Not my favorite parts but always seems to be everyone else’s--the drama. You’re about to see the biggest drama of the season between Josh and I. Looks like he is still blaming me for getting fired off of all those listings and the client calling me to replace him. It’s clear from what I am told and know, the jealousy factor comes from him always being bothered that I was a kid from Boston who came to LA with nothing and no connections and rose to the top of the real estate game. Maybe if he spent less time worrying about me and my business, he wouldn’t get beat every year in sales by The Altman Brothers. LOLOLOL.

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