Josh: Never Let Them See You Sweat

Josh: Never Let Them See You Sweat

Josh discusses the dinner party disaster and explains why he was able to find Rob such an amazing home.

What an episode this week! I wasn't sure if I was watching Million Dollar Listing LA or the Beverly Hills Housewives from that dinner party. Really, James? Throwing glasses of wine on the floor now? Hmmmm. Would you want someone representing your millions that loses their temper like that and allows someone to get under their skin that easily? Rule number one of real estate: Never let them see you sweat. Never. As I predicted, that house still has not sold. I guess I was right about the price after all. James and David cost their seller a ton of money by chasing the market, and now some lucky buyer is going to get a steal!

You're Not Welcome Here

I love watching the at-home moments with Heather and I. And I love seeing all our cute little dogs Diego, Lucky, and Tom Brady. Those dogs are the best, and the happiness they bring to us is one of the reasons Heather and I are so involved in dog rescue charities. In fact, we're having an amazing event this weekend at one of my listings with benefiting #WagsandWalks. On another note, it's amazing to be able to bounce ideas off of someone at all times, even at home. Heather understands me and our business, so to get another perspective is great--and especially one that I trust. I'm so lucky to have Heather. I guess the sage worked, LOL.

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Are They Saging or Hypnotizing?

After a tough few days, I was finally able to find my buyer Rob an amazing house. I have more pocket listings or "off-market properties" than anyone else in the business. Because of that, I have access to more homes than other agents and am able to give my clients first dibs on exclusive properties. Almost HALF of my deals I close annually are pocket listings. I have over 150M in pocket listings that people don't even know about, like the one you saw Rob buy. And the reason Rob was able to get this great home was because of my relationships with these owners and the access I have. It is a win-win for both the seller and buyer. The buyer doesn't have to go into multiples with other buyers due to the mass exposure on the MLS AND the home has an exclusivity that buyers are willing to pay a premium for, thus the seller makes great money. Today, Rob has become a very close friend of mine. We hang out about once a week and actually have invested in a few businesses together. He's about to complete a light remodel on the new house this week and will be hosting a huge housewarming party. Can't wait!

A few quick points as part of my mentoring section this week:
1) In business partnerships, communication is key. It is so important to consult with your partner before making decisions as it's always good to hear another person's perspective and opinion. You saw a breakdown of what not to do with the Brits this week.
2) Sometimes buyers don't know what they want until they see it, just like in Rob's case. Show your clients everything!
3) Always listen to your fiancée. LOL.

Thanks so much for watching Episode 2 of this great season so far. Make sure to order my book It's Your Move at today to hear some of my amazing stories and learning experiences. See you at the top!

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