Josh: There's Nothing I Love Doing More Than Real Estate

Josh: There's Nothing I Love Doing More Than Real Estate

Josh Altman explains the responsibility that comes with having overseas clients. 

Josh Altman Has a New Friend
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I loved last night’s episode. The Altman Brothers pride themselves on being two of the very few truly global agents in the country. We have greater access to overseas clientele than anyone. Between Douglas Elliman, Knight Frank, and our personal relationships, we can reach anyone anytime. When dealing with this type of client, you really need to be 24/7. You got to see first-hand what it’s like to be 24/7 when the phone calls were coming in throughout the middle of the night from Max in Russia. It's OK as there’s nothing I love doing more than selling real estate! Matt and I once again worked well off of each other as he had the better relationship with the buyer agent, so he ran with it and closed them.

How cute is my little dog Tom Brady? He may be my new lucky charm. Who can say no to a face like that? My dogs Lucky Diego and Brady bring me so much happiness in my life. Dogs are the best!

You get to a certain point in your career when you realize what’s truly important. I have been in one aspect or another of real estate for over 13 years. You learn a lot over a time like that. You make mistakes, you grow, you try new things, etc. Pick up a copy of my new bestselling book It’s Your Move to learn from many of my own stories. After selling a billion and a half of real estate, one of the most important things I have learned is that this business is all about relationships, even with other agents. I always liked James and after doing a deal with him, I felt it was the right time to put our past behind us and move forward in a positive way with him. Glad I did that and look forward to doing more deals. To be honest, I fast forward through the other Josh’s scenes, so I don’t have anything to say about that as I don’t want to pick up bad habits.

Can’t wait till next week as Heather lands the biggest listing of her career!
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