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Chad: Sam Needs More Than a Fish Suit

Chad talks about asking Jen's parents for their blessing -- and about that whole flyer debacle.

By Chad Caroll

I think its kind of strange that Marley would not have my picture on the fliers at our open house, but at the end of the day I don’t care as long as the house gets sold. Knowing that Jen has my back at all times makes me feel really good. Most girls wouldn't have said anything and just let it be.

Being a full service real estate agent you have to be ready to be a therapist, friend, and a professional at the same time. It's not always the easiest thing to juggle, but I think Chris handled the situation pretty well with his friend Orsi and her ex.

Constant communication is a necessity in this business and Marley not allowing me to speak to Don is limiting my ability to sell the property.

I don't think Sam's fish suit is going to help sell Chad Moss's house. Her intentions were good, but she is way out of her league. She is going to need a lot more help then a fish suit.

Sam's client told her from the beginning that he was only going to sell the house for a $1 million plus profit. For her to come to him with a really really low offer, of course he’s going to say no and get frustrated.


Jen's parents came to town and I tricked them into thinking we were all going to dinner, but really I knew Jen had a late shoot that night so she wouldn't be able to make it. When I asked Jen's parents for her hand in marriage I was beyond nervous. Her father was a state champion wrestler! I know her parents love me, but it’s their first daughter and they are protective parents. When I saw her mother's face when I asked I could see how happy and welcoming they were and how excited her mom was to already start planning the wedding.

The Old Palm listing has been one of the most frustrating experiences that I have ever had to deal with. Not having full control over the listing or direct communication with the seller has made it near impossible to get proper feedback to the seller. After speaking with Marley on the phone I could tell our discussion was going nowhere and that she wasn't going to let up. Of course, I was upset and emotional, but I have spent countless hours and tons of money on this listing and I want to do right by the seller. If he can't hear the actual feedback from my mouth, I don't know if it's actually getting relayed over to him. Jen made me feel a lot better about the situation. I realize that things are unfortunately out of my control and I have two options. One: I could get rid of the listing. Or two: follow Marley’s lead.

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