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Sam: There Was Nothing Left for Me to Do

Sam explains why she decided to let the listing go, and why she doesn't have too many listings at once.

The meeting with Gil Dezer was a difficult one. . .while I really wanted to break into the ultra-luxury market, I had to be true to myself and do the right thing. While the 30-day challenge was a difficult one, if there was anyone that was going to make it happen, it was definitely going to be me. Although Gil initially gave a 30-day period to sell the Trump Royale, he later extended it for a longer period of time.

In my heart, I knew I did whatever I could to sell the property, but, at $8.9 million, it simply was too overpriced to sell. If Gil wasn't accepting of a price reduction then there was nothing left for me to do.


While many real estate agents would sit on a fancy listing in hopes that the buyer would eventually come or to show "what they have," I felt that continuing to hold on to it knowing that it's extremely overpriced would be a disservice to my client -- and I am the type of real estate agent who doesn't like to have a ton of listings. . . because I've sold them!

I believe that as a real estate agent, if we aren't "getting the job done" (which means bringing a buyer to the table) then it's our duty to explain why. While Gil may have not been happy with the outcome of me withdrawing from the listing (because he was not going to reduce the price of $8.9 million), I think in the long-run he will respect me more with my decision of not wasting his time -- especially if he feels it's worth every penny. The conversation with him was nerve-racking to say the least but I am proud with how I handled myself and stand by my decision of withdrawing from the listing.

The property to this day is still on the market (over 8 months now) with reduced price of $8.5 million.

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