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More High Kicks, More Drama

Fredrik is ready for the fans to see more of his personal life -- and to see what kind of a person Ryan Serhant really is.

By Fredrik Eklund

I’m back!!! HIGH KICK!!!

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New season, new deals, new drama. . .and new LOVE! I have invested so much of myself into this season and I hope you will enjoy it. I close 38 deals at a total value of over $100 million in the upcoming 12 episodes, and perhaps most importantly: I get married (as I am sure you have seen in the trailers).

Things are still crazy for me, actually more crazy than ever because my team has grown, and I am really at the top of my game -- with all the responsibilities and pressure that comes with it. But, I feel like I have more balance with Derek in my life and being engaged. At least I am trying to get more balance. It is amazing for the first time in my life to be able after an insane day at work to come back to a warm home and home cooked dinner with the dogs and Derek painting. I am hopeful you will love him as much as I do and get to know him over the season too.

The Marble House is a challenge for me. Not because it isn't beautiful (Oh yes, it is amazing!), but because I only have 30 days to sell it. It is truly one-of-a-kind super-mansion with a private pool, 80-foot wide, 9,300 square foot condo with private parking, 24-hour doorman, and soaring ceilings. The beauty is in the details here; it's custom-crafted, with a range of rich, harmonious imported Carrara, Striato Olimpico, Grey Bardiglio, and Crema Valencia marbles from slabs hand-selected -- in the marble is the name Marble House. The grand hall alone is over 60 feet in length. Upstairs, the spectacular master suite is over 1,000 square feet!!! And with a 22 foot dressing room (larger than most living rooms in NYC). And it just goes on and on: the bathtub as an example is a 900 pound, turn-of-the-century, antique terra cotta ceramic tub on little feet. The price? $17.5 million! And it is hard to compare the Marble House to anything, simply because there isn't anything like the Marble House.

This is one of those listings where I put everything on the line to sell it. I get very emotionally attached to it, which often doesn't happen to me. I go all out, and try to overcome every obstacle in my way. I get obsessive about it, think about it all the time. It actually consumes me in a way. I don't want anything to stop me -- which includes Ryan Serhant, trying to sabotage my efforts by jumping in the pool at my broker's open.

I am still in shock about his behavior, and the fact that he didn't want to apologize when I confronted him just shows what kind of a person he is. It is disappointing because I didn't go to his office to fight, but to figure out why he did it and see if we could try to be friends. The only thing I am thankful for is that I now know what he is capable of and what his true intentions are when it comes to me and my business. I guess you can say I am more prepared for what's coming between us. And so are you. . .

Luis is a fresh wind blowing fast -- so energetic, well-dressed, and with a big smile. I welcome him on the show and into our world of real estate, and I love how passionate he is. He has a fire in his eyes, and he is thankful for being here and doing deals. There is something humble about him that I enjoy. I do see myself in him as a young guy coming to NYC and having a hunger to make it -- him against the world, the new guy. I think I can see a friend in him in the future, but only time will tell.

All in all we are off to a great start to an amazing season. This season is so important to me on so many levels, and I really let go this time around. I cry, I get married, I sell more than I have ever sold -- and high-kick more than ever. Thanks for tuning in and for all the love and support! Welcome to Season 2!

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