Fredrik: Is Ryan a Villian This Season?

Fredrik: Is Ryan a Villian This Season?

Fredrik is glad that Ryan is mean to everyone (not just him), but he sees his good sides too.

Hiiiiii and thanks for watching! 11 North Moore is a beautiful new construction project in TriBeCa, with 18 units. The total sell-out is $185,000,000 and the developer is Zach Vella. Sometimes in new development land, in which I consider myself the king, you have to be creative and sell out of someone's home. . .Zach's home.

The scale model helped a lot, with its architectural details and the ability to light up units with an iPad. The price? $100,000! Yes, that's over $3,000/square inch! LOL. I didn't get a finished kitchen and bathroom, but I got the perfect Ken-house to play with.

I'm really proud of my team and I'm glad you now are getting to know each team member little-by-little. They all work so hard, but we also have a lot of fun (when I'm not pushing them too hard). We made over $3 million in commission in ten days, and that's what I call Eklund Perfection. Team Perfection!


Let me also comment on my spontaneous meeting with Luis in the office. I was shocked to hear that Ryan was pushing a pocket square into Luis' mouth at a party, especially when I know how much that listing means to Luis. But, yes, I am not going to hide that it somehow feels like a relief that I am not the only one that Ryan is mean to. I thought it was me all along and now I realize he is always looking for new people to pick on. Hmmm. . .Let's see what happens there. Hopefully they can work it out and if they don't, perhaps I'll have to step in. . .

Ryan did apologize to me for last Season at Watch What Happens Live with Andy, so I don't really want to take sides here. But it's hard not to experience Ryan as a villain so far this Season. I hope Emelia can influence him to stop ruining other brokers' open houses. I can see Ryan's good sides too. I'm trying, and I don't think he is a bad person. He is just too aggressive sometimes trying to make it in New York, and sometimes I don't think he understands just how he affects people. I am trying to see that in myself, too. More on that later in the Season.


Watching the episode I'm proud of Luis. What an amazing party, what a setting! I'm known for big lavish broker parties, but this was something extraordinary! I have a feeling Luis will come around and sell that apartment sooner or later. . .I'm sending him energy and hope that he doesn't give up.

That's all. It's my birthday this Saturday and I'm off to Europe tonight so please follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see all the photos from my trip:




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