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Fredrik on the City's Saddest Penthouse

Fredrik discusses his tough to sell Tribeca listing and what he wanted to come of his confrontation with Ryan.

By Fredrik Eklund

"The City's Saddest Penthouse" is the name several blogs have given my new listing at Warren Street, in Tribeca. Well, why so sad I asked myself when the seller called? It has been on the market for over four years, yes, and with five different brokers, with many price reductions, new photos, staging, and almost a hundred open houses.

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But, that doesn't make it sad, does it? The apartment is actually beautiful with dramatic floor-to-ceiling glass, four terraces, and an outdoor hot tub. BUT, the monthlies are almost $10,000/month and there is nothing I can do about that! So is this a listing even worth taking on. . .? YES!!!! I thrive best with a real challenge, to try to succeed where others don't. It's exciting to see if I can tame this beast, at least at first. Now, Joel and his wife are nice, but tough. Really tough, as you will see in the next episode.


And I might have gotten more than I asked for -- stay tuned.

It is important to note that 16 Warren is a green building, built with green materials. To me Mother Earth is a really important issue (it should be for everyone!), yet I am really bad by simply living in New York, using a big car, a big apartment etc. I feel guilty and have felt guilty for a while, so this listing is an opportunity to change that, to learn more on how to help, to change myself and my lifestyle, even if little.

Solar panels, less gas, less electricity, less paper, more recycling, and more high-kicking will make a different if we all do our part. Plus, it's a selling feature here, and I need to reach those buyers and brokers to whom GREEN is important. They will see the value in the listing and appreciate what my seller has built, regardless of the high monthlies.

The scene where Derek and I dress up Mousey in our future daughter's baby clothes make me smile. I actually bought baby clothes several times -- yes, I am crazy. It has happened once or twice that I have stopped into Baby Gap and bought a few pieces. The next few weeks are going to be emotional, and a bit difficult, and that's all I want to say right now. I do dream of having children, and have for a very long time, and when I met Derek it became a possibility. Sometimes I just want things a little bit too much. And now we are two people to make decisions -- together.

Lastly, me running into Ryan at the real estate event was difficult, but you know what, it felt OK to watch it now after all those months. I remember filming it, and I was so nervous seeing him there, since we hadn't talked at ALL about any of it since Watch What Happens Live with Andy after our Season Finale last year. I wasn't angry, I just HAD to talk to him, get it out of me. There was so much I felt, at least I wanted to try to make sense of why he had done it. I also was hoping for an apology, or at least some sort of acknowledgment that he understands he actually did hurt me. Sometimes that's all one needs, I didn't need (nor expect) a hug and a smile, just something little like "OK, I understand." But no.


Meeting Emilia was nice, although I wish it was under different circumstances; she is beautiful and hopefully really good for him, but she seemed to take his side and I didn't get any real reaction out of Ryan that night. And I guess that's why it was OK to see the scene now, because I feel I did try communicating with him, and when that failed, I took the higher road and walked out. I didn't want another confrontation, I didn't want him (or her) angry, nor create a scene, I just wanted him to know that I had been sad about it. Now he knows, and hopefully one day we can go from there.

I would like to ask for your advice reading this, do you think I should just let it go and move on?

Thanks for watching and reading this blog. I appreciate all the comments and feedback, and see you next week.

Much love


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