Ryan on His Haunted House

Ryan on His Haunted House

Ryan's haunted house was his favorite listing of all-time -- even if it was confirmed to be full of spirits.

It's finally here! I have been looking forward to watching this episode FOREVER. 115 East 35th Street has to be one of my all-time favorite listings. Patricia is the sweetest seller I've ever worked with, and I think she looks beautiful on screen. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time with her, because she had already moved to Florida when we met.


It's so funny to watch the "cleansing" of the house on TV, because, I promise you, that experience was NOT enjoyable. It's one thing to think you're in a house with ghosts, but it's a much bigger thing when you have professional ghost hunters CONFIRM that there are ghosts -- sitting next to you.

I'm not sure if the house was really haunted, or if it was just old and creaky and cold. I'd love to hear what everyone here thinks!

The hardest part about selling the house wasn't even the possible "haunting" -- it was the width. The house is only 12 feet wide! It's one of the narrowest houses is New York City. But even though four other brokers couldn't sell it over the last five years, Patricia finally found one who could. . .

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