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Ryan: I'm All About the Deal

Ryan breaks down what it was like to go from teaming up with Fredrik to teaming up with Arty.

By Ryan Serhant

How many of you would have guessed that Fredrik and I would have teamed up? Mind you, I went into this whole thing with an open mind. I committed myself to opening my horizons and finding collaborations that would benefit my business. I do not hold grudges, I do not get offended, I live life one day at a time. Since my breakfast with Fredrik in Episode 1 of this season, I thought we were on the same page, professionally. Our plans for staging 19th Street went as well as you'd expect. For the record: I hate fur, even fake fur should be considered murder. A part of me died just thinking about it. I was a bachelor too, once, a long time ago, and even then – no fur of any kind. Even Fredrik's own designer eventually saw things my way, mostly. Either way this guy hasn't sent me a contract, so of course, I'm wary, but mostly curious to watch my "competitor" so closely. I thought I could learn something. You know what they say. 

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  ...I'm wary, but mostly curious to watch my "competitor" so closely.”

Ryan Serhant

In the meantime I had other business to attend to, someone who I know to be my most entertaining client by FAR. How crazy is this business? Could you imagine spending a morning bickering with Fredrik and then the afternoon doing shots and seeing apartments with Arty? That's my life!

I'm all about the deal, and Arty seemed ready, willing, and able. Let's see if I can remember: Darnira, Baleria, Gya, Recia, Michelle, Sonya, and Val. I listen ladies. Arty has it all, including his own liquor brand, profitable for him, but bad news for me. Arty was distracted by his gaggle of girlfriends, and I was left looking like the one who didn't have it all together. The way this storyline concludes is absolutely bananas.

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Regarding Fredrik, technically, I'm taller, but I don't believe in gloating to my seniors. I should have known Fredrik had more in mind than just dinner with loved ones. I was suspicious, and obviously, I was right to be so. I don't have much to say regarding his decision to speak to Emilia about donating her eggs. Emilia is her own woman, and I don't make claims to her body. But sometimes you have to be selfish, and I love this woman so much. I get it – they want to become fathers, but that's my future baby's momma. What if my child and Fredrik's child shared the same Mom? Fredster and I would be RELATED!

In conclusion, this episode was crazy to watch. My liver hasn't forgiven me for my time with Arty. I think Luis was in this episode too, right?

I love you all and thank you for listening to me. I know my opinion isn't always popular, but I'm honest. Let's keep learning and growing, and opening ourselves up to new experiences. I'll be back next week, so you will too. Keep the high five, alive.

Follow me on Instagram at @ryan_serhant and on Twitter/Facebook at @ryanserhant.


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