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See Inside the Lake House Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis Are Isolating In

The MDLNY family is spending time at Ryan's parents' home in New Hampshire.

By Hannah Chambers
Ryan Serhant Family Quarantine

Ryan Serhant, Emilia Bechrakis and their adorable daughter, Zena, are taking a break from New York City. The Million Dollar Listing New York family is self-isolating at Ryan’s parents’ beautiful lake house in New Hampshire to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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Because they’re both working from home, Emilia explained that making a switch to a larger home has made a world of a difference. Little Zena is loving having more room to run around. 

“Zena’s doing laps in the living room because there’s a little bit more space for her here than our apartment. It’s all so new for her,” said the new mom. “Anything, even new cabinets are exciting for her.” 

The 1-year-old isn’t the only one who gets excited to see some new home decor. As the MDLNY couple has been sharing glimpses of their time in New Hampshire, we’ve been able to see a bit of Ryan’s parents’ house, and it looks absolutely incredible. 

In an Instagram Emilia shared on March 22, the family is seen playing inside of Zena’s playpen, which was set up in a room in the New Hampshire home.

“These two make everything brighter. Can’t remember the last time we had this much time together since Zena was born,” Emilia wrote. “I hate that it took something so awful, but I love being able to hold them close to me, sheltered and safe.” 

Ryan also posted some Instagram Stories that day, showing a peek at the gorgeous land around the lake house. He also posted a sweet TikTok with Zena, where he’s playfully tossing her up in the air. (It also serves as an awesome look at those super tall ceilings!) 

Ryan Serhant Family Quarantine 1

On March 20, Ryan shared a photo where the family is sitting at a piano in a spacious, sunny room. 

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This feels like a slow motion car crash. One that we could sense might happen, because it’s dark out and the roads are icy. But we weren’t afraid, because we’re in our big SUV and a little ice far down the road can’t hurt us. But then the road started to feel slick under our tires and we got that feeling in our stomach - you know the feeling you get before you fall? And then the back tire skids out to the right, but it’s OK! We took ice driving classes and it will all be fine if we just turn the steering wheel into the skid. But then we hit a bump and we’re airborne. Hurtling through the air. And we don’t know when we’re going to land, or how. Will our car be totaled? Or will we be lucky and just have a few scratches? Will anyone inside be hurt? And if so, how bad, and how will we call for help with no cell service? — That’s the best analogy I have for what we’re going through. I wasn’t sure what to post for the last couple of days, because nothing felt right to post when people are sick and dying, the market has sold off 10,000 points and 4 years of gains in less than 15 days, and service workers around the world are losing their jobs. But I know we will all be ok. There’s no other choice. And there’s an amazing new global community, full of energy, that’s coming out of this ‘car crash’. — Through social media, we are all connected at every second to what our friends in China, Italy, and Spain are doing and how they’re coping. And for the first time, everyone actually cares! We are laughing together, watching how people are managing their quarantines all over the planet. We’re crying together, reading the stories of lost loved ones to a virus none of us saw coming (other than Bill Gates in his ominous 2015 Ted Talk). And we are staying strong together in a time of complete uncertainty. This new strength, that none of us knew we had, will soon transition into the positive energy we will need to land us on our feet when this is all over. And once that day comes, that energy will not only make us happier and more successful than ever before - it will keep us safe, and better prepared for the next car crash. So hold your loved ones tight. We will beat this.

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“Hold your loved ones tight. We will beat this,” he wrote in a loving, positive caption alongside the shot. 

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