Ryan Serhant Somehow Sells Millions in Real Estate without Drinking Coffee

Ryan Serhant Somehow Sells Millions in Real Estate without Drinking Coffee

The Million Dollar Listing New York power agent prefers a different uplifting beverage.

By Tamara Palmer

Ryan Serhant sold more than $800 million in real estate last year, and is poised to finish out another incredible sales year in 2018. The Million Dollar Listing New York power agent seems to be full of drive and energy, and just never stops bringing in the big deals. But what's the fuel that helps him keep going and going?

"Final month of the year," he tweeted. "4th Quarter. Gotta think outside the box. No one else is allowed to touch my signed Tom Brady helmet that I rub everyday for good luck. And yes that’s a green tea in my other hand. No coffee for me."

Record scratch — wait, no coffee?!? Well, yes — and he has inspiration when it comes to avoiding it. Ryan's good luck charm Tom Brady famously announced in 2016 that he's never tried coffee, like, at all, so maybe there's some strange secret to success behind avoiding the stuff. Though it sounds counterintuitive to some, perhaps coffee winds Ryan up too much to do what he does best.

"The biggest mistake most people make when they try to sell something, whether it's real estate, hot tubs or tires is that they actually try to sell something," he told CNBC in October. "A watched pot never boils."

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