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Andrew: Every Deal Has Different Dynamics

Andrew opens up about his relationship with Paal and how he handled losing the vineyard listing. 

By Andrew Greenwell How is selling a vineyard different than selling other properties?

Andrew Greenwell: At the end of the day a vineyard is a farm...albeit a sexy farm. With that particular property we were dealing with a large estate home plus multiple acres of revenue producing agricultural land. At the end of the day it's much more complicated than a traditional deal as we're selling a business of sorts.

Andrew Gets Lost You tried your best to reach Tim, have you ever had another seller avoid you like that after they agreed to sell their property?

AG: Sadly, yes. I have found when there's conflict sellers don't want to confront or they've changed their mind they typically go MIA. It's actually the worst situation to be in, as in times of conflict we have to resolve the situation as quickly as possible before it escalates. Have you ever had to deal with sellers backing out of deals before your experience with Tim?

AG: Yes, and they have all been for different reasons. I've had sellers try to back out because they thought they could get more money and I've had them back out because one spouse strong-armed the other into changing their minds. Every deal has different dynamics and it's my job to try to navigate those as "delicately" as possible. In this episode we saw how hectic your schedule is, as well as Paal's – which can put a little bit of a strain on the communication in your relationship. Did this slow down your wedding planning process at all?

AG: We were engaged on Christmas and 2011 and got married on Easter of 2015 if that tells you anything. Most people are shocked to find out that I'm the planner in the relationship, down to all of our travel to our restaurant reservations. Between running our many businesses and real estate team there just aren't enough hours in the day. I'm fairly confident we were engaged longer than the average least in Vegas. =) If you saw "Chammy" in your local grocery store, would you give it a try?

AG: I am dying to see what logo they concoct for this brand. All I can say is I hope they pay a lot of money for a celebrity spokesperson because this sounds crazy. On the other hand, "Chammy" makes me think of champagne and jam so maybe there's a spinoff? =)

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