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Andrew: My Biking "Accident" Was Truly Unfortunate

What was it like working with a client's son? Andrew tells all...


By Andrew Greenwell Were you worried that Alison was going to fire you from your listing when she called you to her home for a meeting after the bicycle incident?
Andrew Greenwell: My biking "accident" was truly unfortunate, but I knew Alison trusted me to represent her and was very pleased with the showing we put together. The home showed beautifully, and we had exactly the right people "in the room," and with the right sense of humor to make them feel at home.

Andrew Vs. Client's Son After your talk with Alison, you and Louis really seemed to get along and managed to work together. Do you think her pep talk worked?
AG: It was obviously tense with Louis as I felt he was angry at my vintage biking mishap. He's definitely an up and comer. He wanted to learn every aspect of a transaction, and reminded me slightly of myself at that age. He was definitely more engaged than I expected and he has a bright future, for sure. If his future is in real estate, I'm counting on him at my brokerage. Alison turned down an offer when you told her the potential buyers were interested in the listing as an investment. Why do you think sellers put certain demands on who the buyers of their property are?
AG: Maybe legacy. It's tough to build a future, as well as memories with your family, only to have it reduced to a financial transaction. Granted, this is a family full of brilliant business minds, but at some point legacy means something, especially if it involves how and where you raised your kids. Respecting the property's legacy and its future is important to many of my clients. Do you think Louis has a future as a broker? If so, would you ever hire him to join your firm?
AG: Definitely! He has the chops, pardon the pun. He's ambitious, smart, and applies himself well. And works hard to win for his clients, which in this case was his family. Given he had broken his jaw it was hard for viewers to see his fun and friendly side, and great that he agreed to keep filming with us. I'd love to work with a driver like him if he decides to go into real estate after college.

Andrew's Ready to Take Over San Francisco This season we saw that business was really booming for you. What do you think you can attribute that to?
AG: Hard Work. Experience. Competitiveness. And hopefully, natural good looks. Well, three out of four isn't bad (wink).

How to Dress for San Francisco: Andrew

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