Here's How You (Yes, You!) Can Get 4 Amazing Perks of Flying Private on Your Next Trip

Here's How You (Yes, You!) Can Get 4 Amazing Perks of Flying Private on Your Next Trip

Is this the best-kept secret hiding in plain sight?

By Alesandra Dubin
Go Inside Erika Girardi's Private Plane

In your mind, you may be a glamorous Real Housewives type — say, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Girardi, who wings around the globe in her own private jet, with personal glam squad in tow. But in the real world, your bank account doesn't quite align with that vision. And that's OK.

So, whatever — you may never be in the position to fly on a private plane. But! You can actually get most of its perks on your next flight. And yes, this is actually true — and yes, it applies to you. Read on.

JetSuiteX is the airline you might have heard floating about in your sphere, but didn't really get what it's about. You need to know about how it works, because it offers the flying-private experience, but it's actually a public charter — which means anyone can buy tickets.

And you can afford them, too. Consider that if you book with some advance notice, you might find a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for $129. That's pretty much right in line with the cost to fly on Southwest Airlines, depending on your advance purchase.

But here's what you get for that investment.

1. Valet parking

When was the last time you pulled up to a major airport like LAX, and left your car with a valet on a street-level lot? Nope, doesn't happen. But that's what you get in the private terminal, from which JetSuiteX operates. (And consider that your car will be waiting for you on your flight's return — because your valet ticket matches up with your boarding pass, so the staff knows your landing time!)

2. No security lines

Yes, because the airline operates from private terminals, you walk right up to the counter, get your boarding pass, and you're done. No security lines, no arriving two hours early. (Consider that this writer recently arrived two minutes before takeoff for a flight — not recommended, but it can work!)

Behold the "crowd" gathering to board within the private terminal at Burbank airport in Los Angeles:

Photo: Katie Jones

3. Limitless liquids

Because you're not going through traditional security, your liquids are your biz. No three-ounce limit, and no fussing with plastic bags. That also means you can bring bottles both to your destination, and as a souvenir when you return. 

4. Free everything in flight

In an era when the commercial airline mantra is a la carte everything, whatever you want in flight on JetSuiteX is included. So you get Wi-Fi — not to mention a place to charge your devices while you're using them.

Photo: Katie Jones

You also get snacks that are more clever than peanuts, like coconut chips, veggie chips, and snack bars made exclusively of fruit for those special-diet types.

Photo: Katie Jones

Wine and spirits are also included, so enjoy some Casamigos tequila or Tito's vodka on your way. 

So, cheers! Go crazy. It may be the closest you ever get to flying private... and we'll call it close enough!

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