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Madison Hildebrand

A Shared Vision

Madison explains his situation with Heather and thanks all the fans.

Million Dollar Soap Opera

Madison congratulates Josh Flagg on coming out and reveals his current relationship status.

Pleasure Principle

Madison weighs in on the Heather and Josh Altman drama.

Showdown: Round One

Madison's wary of Josh Altman's intentions regarding Heather.

Melons and Money

Madison loved how things went down with his listing and thinks Josh and the twins are hilarious.

On to the Next

Madison discusses working (and not working) with Ismir, and his lack of Dancing with the Stars knowledge.

I Vant the Car

Madison wasn't a big fan of this episode or his client.

Saved by the Ding Dong

Madison's glad to be back, but he's not a big fan of Josh Altman.

The Season Finale!

Madison talks about another successful season, and his new love interest!