This Is What a $1 Million Music Festival Ticket Buys You

This Is What a $1 Million Music Festival Ticket Buys You

Spoiler: You'll get Iceland's Blue Lagoon all to yourself.

By Alesandra Dubin

Even the most luxurious Coachella VIP package can move the heck over. Because a far-flung music festival is now offering an over-the-top experience — available for a cool $1 million — that blows everything else totally out of the water.

The event is Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavík, coming up June 16 through 19, and it made headlines last year for selling a $200,000 package. At the time, that was the most expensive festival ticket offered anywhere on the planet. But now organizers are going way over the top with a new package that makes least year’s look like pocket change.

Let’s take a look at what this year’s monster package includes.

First of all, you’ll fly in a private jet from anywhere on the world — with five friends. Your #squad also gets access to two private luxury cars (including drivers, of course) around the clock, for a whole week. You’ll get private concerts by big Icelandic musicians, and a private aerial tour of Iceland, and stay in a six-room villa for seven nights during your stay.

Now who fancies a midnight walk on top of a glacier in Iceland with the sun still up, including helicopter transfers from Reykjavík? You’ll get that, plus a private glacier snowmobile experience.

You’ll also get access to the world’s first (and already sold out) concert inside the dormant magma chamber of a volcano. Wait, what? (Record scratch.) Yes, you read that right: You’ll check out a concert inside a volcano.

Moving right along, you’ll have private access to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon (paging Brooke Shields!) reserved for only your travel party. Imagine the bragging rights associated with getting the entire Blue Lagoon to yourselves. That's the mic-drop moment of a lifetime.

Oh, and of course you also get access to the main Secret Solstice event — the same one that common folk also attend. (Think: Radiohead and Deftones.) But you’ll get private viewing during all acts, of course… as well as access to a private bar, only accessible by main stage artists and so-called “super VIPs.” 

And if you’ve got a $1 million to go to a music festival — that’s a phrase that definitely describes you.
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