Would You Stay in a Trump Hotel? Revealing Study Shows Who Would — And Wouldn't

Would You Stay in a Trump Hotel? Revealing Study Shows Who Would — And Wouldn't

Here's where Americans stand compared to international travelers.

By Alesandra Dubin

These days, many view their hotel-booking choices as equal parts travel decisions, and sociopolitical statements. In such a fraught and changing political climate — in America, the U.K., and around the world — it's far from just about grabbing the most luxurious property for the best price in the right location.

Given that, travel-dating website MissTravel.com polled its members to get a glimpse into how the Trump hotel chain is perceived by tourists, at home and abroad. Results reveal a general aversion to staying in the properties bearing the 45th POTUS' name — but it turns out it's Americans who actually view it most favorably of all.

The question was, "Would you stay at a Trump property?" Among U.S. residents, 47 percent responded yes, and 53 percent responded no. So while overall Americans said they'd avoid the hotels, the division was approximately down the middle.

But the figures were much more drastic when it came to international respondents. Only 28 percent of U.S. residents said they would say in a Trump hotel, while 72 percent said they wouldn't.

And it was even more exaggerated among Canadian residents. Of those, only 21 percent said they would stay in a Trump property, while a whopping 79 percent said they wouldn't.

While the study wasn't scientific, MissTravel has a solid sample to poll, with 600,000 members in 135 countries. (And if you're still hung up on "travel-dating website," now you know it's very much a thing. You're welcome.)

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