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Drama, Comedy, And Beautiful Homes

Josh Flagg gives you some back story on his fabulous Grandma.

By Josh Flagg
Well, I have just watched episode 1, and I have got to say, I am very pleased with what I saw. Before I watched the first episode, I always used to ask myself "I wonder if people on television watch themselves?" For instance, does Estelle Getty still watch episodes of The Golden Girls? I have come to the conclusion that the answer is no. (That was probably a poor example, however it was the first person to come to mind.) I loved what I saw; however, it is probably much more exciting for someone who has never seen the show than it is for someone who actually participated in it.

On that note, I think viewers are going to take a real liking to the show. There is drama, suspense, comedy, big beautiful homes (and believe me, there are bigger ones to come.) One of the houses they show is a home I sold last year for $13,500,000. The owners allowed us to shoot footage of it, but they did not want to be on camera, so we were unable to film that transaction. It would have been a great asset to the show though.

I was close with the owner of the house I sold in episode one, and having gotten to know him, I think he would have been really proud that we talked about him and featured his home. It was unfortunate that my client, Sam, could not get the house; however, I was still glad we gave it a try, because that is the only way to find out in real estate.

My grandma: What can I say about my grandma? She was hysterical! You may not have been able to tell, because she was sitting down, but she is in fact less than 5 feet tall. Many people who saw the preview said Bravo should do a spin-off on just her. So get excited -- that is not the last you will see of her on the show. Many people, after watching the preview, have asked me what my grandmother has to do with polyester. Just to clarify things: Polyester was invented by the British during World War II. My grandmother was an underground spy in Europe during this time. The material was originally called Polyamine, and it is a synthetic fiber the Germans used to make parachutes out of; in other words, it was not a fabric people were wearing. My grandmother took the material and made it into a wearable fabric. This was in 1967. With the cooperation of Dupont, my grandmother marketed the fabric and polyamine officially became Polyester, and came to life.

I think the show is only going to get better and I am very interested to see what happens...

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