The Season Finale!

The Season Finale!

Madison talks about another successful season, and his new love interest!


I can't believe it is already over. So much blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention 11 months of filming) has gone into this season and it is a wrap after nine great episodes. We have developed an amazing fan base and I thank everyone for contacting me, supporting me, and of course for watching the show.

Tonight's episode was anti-climatic with regards to the Josh/Chad feud - let's face it, they probably won't ever be friends. Done. We have all three had a tough year with clients, sales, marketing, etc., but we all survived the toughest of times too. Personally, this year has already been a much better year for me and I look forward to 2010. The silver lining for me during these tough times is I had time to further explore myself and my goals. I did the NOH8 campaign art gallery and had much support from my friends, my ex girlfriend Lauren, and also saw/met a cute guy at the gallery. His name is Frank, and that is who you see me with at the pool. We have really fallen in love and it feels amazing. I am so blessed to have met such a wonderful partner. I look forward to supporting the LGBTQ community in many ways and hope you find a way to support this much needed movement.

As for the episode, I was expecting a bigger bang for the ending. But it was sweet and to the point. Perhaps they left out the footage I thought they were going to use because they are considering a season four? If you think there should be a season four then contact Bravo and tell them!

Have an amazing holiday and a very happy new year! Cheers!

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