Checking Baggage

Checking Baggage

Episode 3:'s Assistant Editor wonders whether Tara will be OK to check some baggage after the DTF incident.

How is it that Courtney and Glenn's date, the cutest date we've seen on the show thus far, didn't end up working out? Honestly I don't know how Courtney resisted the Pakulak charm. Anyway I had to get that off my chest. Let's see what our Dallas dreamboats have to teach us this week.

DO: Make time for beautiful women during a busy workday

Work is stressful. And what better way to forget your troubles than by enjoying a berry parfait in the middle of the day with a beautiful blond? Matt, ever the multi-tasker, had a business lunch with a colleague and then scheduled a little date immediately afterward with one of his many "hang-out friends" at the same establishment. 

However what started as a delightful date then took turn for the worst when another one of Matt's many date friends happened to stroll by and sit down to chat. Blond No.1 didn't seem to know what was up and made a hasty retreat. Maybe the secondary lesson here is to dine indoors to help prevent awkward run-ins.  

DO: Wear matching fedoras to win someone over

Mommy and me fedoras coupled with a cute little baby in a cute little wagon? Even Courtney couldn't help but be won over (finally) by Neill and Major. I think it's nearly impossible to stay standoffish with someone while an adorable baby runs around and does adorable things. Cute babies can be used to defuse any situation. 

DON'T: Tell your friends that you signed them up for a bachelor auction

Because then they can't say no (like Matt) or they will be even more stoked about it than if you had told them first (like Glenn). Seriously though, Glenn was grinning as if Courtney just announced he won the lottery, while Matt's look said, "I was totally going to say no way to Courtney, but now that Glenn is so excited I don't want to look like the stick in the mud." 

DON'T: Date someone who's "checking baggage" 

Tara's potential new beau has some major drawbacks (besides the fact that he took her to a bowling alley and got into a car accident). Seven to be exact. When Courtney asks how much baggage he's checking (loving this phrase), Tara reveals there are four ex-wives and three children in Jody's past. Yikes! Is there room in his life for Tara and her many puppies? Well Tara's dating around and assessing her options, but it looks like the baggage will probably be welcome after her disaster date with Jesse (more on this later).  

DON'T: Take anyone seriously who looks good with their shirt off

That's Courtney's advice anyway. I must say that after having been hypnotized many a time now by both Glenn and Matt's propensity to be shirtless, I have to agree. 

DO: Be prepared to shell out some serious money if you want to win a date with Glenn 

I think it's safe to say that Glenn fetched the highest price tag at the bachelor auction by far with a whopping $900 courtesy of Drew. It wasn't all that surprising either, because he was working that room like nobody's business. I think he may have gotten a bid from just about every person in there. Plus he didn't have to tell anyone about his package, since he just unwrapped it at the end and showed everyone his chest. Frankly I don't know why Glenn even bothers buying shirts, he seems perfectly happy not wearing one. In the end he really pulled out all the stops for his date with Courtney, so money well spent.

DO: Be chivalrous

Tara will not go on a date with a man who isn't a perfect gentleman. If you don't open the car door for Tara, she will turn back around and go home. So study up on your manners (and be sure to bring a coat you won't mind throwing over a puddle) before taking a Dallas diva on a date. 

DON'T: Insult Lady Gaga, reference asparagus pee, or say you're DTF on a first date

Tara's date, Jesse, may have remembered to open the car door for her, but he seemed to have forgotten some basic Dating 101. First he dissed Lady Gaga (a cardinal sin in our book). Then he kept talking about how he couldn't order asparagus, because it makes his pee smell. I mean, we all know this, but really no need to harp on that during a first date. And then the icing on the cake was when he let drop that he's DTF. Really? Especially given Tara's previously revealed aversion to Jersey Shore-esque guys, this was just a bad, bad move. 

Next week Drew's bringing home a special someone to meet the folks for the first time. Needless to say he's a little nervous.


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