Timing is Key

Timing is Key

Courtney explains the importance of timing in relationships.

When it comes to making a relationship work, I think the most important factor is timing. If timing isn't on your side, then most likely the relationship is dead on arrival. Throughout this episode, timing is a reoccurring theme, and you see several of our relationships either fail, blossom, or get put on hold. 

Despite my strong opinions about flirting with ex territory, once I saw the love that Glenn and Rebecca share, it was hard not to root for them. They have something really genuine and special that many people search for their entire lives. But it makes me sad to see that their stars haven't completely aligned yet. Whether it be geography or careers, something is keeping them from pulling the trigger and going for it again. I know Glenn has said that she means more to him than any other woman he has ever met, but sometimes men aren't smart enough to realize that they could lose the love of their life while they kill time and make their minds up. But in the meantime, he has plenty of girls in bikinis and high heels to keep him company! (Don't even get me started on that pool party again!)

Matt has made it clear to me over the years of our friendship that settling down for him is five to seven years away. I don't want to be beating a dead horse when it comes to the topic of him and Neill, but I am glad that he is finally seeing their relationship how others see it. Perception is reality! He might have thought he wasn't leading Neill on, but he was. And Lord knows he isn't going to win "Stepdad of the Year" so cutting the cord now is a good idea before they get too involved. But didn't I say that, like, five episodes ago? He might have a hard time admitting it, but yes, Matty, Courtney always knows best!

Where do I start with Drew and Cody? Drew, Drew, Drew. What were you thinking? Kissing another man while dating someone else is never acceptable! And then playing a victim card? C'mon Drew, man up and say, "Yes, I liked the attention from this other man and I didn't think I would get caught, and I did, and it was an idiotic mistake." I have to give it to Cody though. He handled Drew much more politely that I would…and considering this is their second go at it, between Cody moving and Drew's wandering lips, yeah, um, timing is without a doubt NOT on ya'lls side! 

Now let's get down to business with Mr. AARP (Jody) and Tara. I don't know what it is, but I STILL CANNOT get on board with this guy. Tara is sold on the idea of him, so I'm finally just going to let her make her big girl decisions and keep my opinions to myself, but often I wonder if I'm the only one who sees it. It's like Jody is a little too eager, a little too lovey-dovey, and a little too all about Tara. Is he hiding something by over-compensating? It's creepy, right? Right?! And although I really can't complain too much because he did get rid of the God awful soul patch aka flavor saver, he's replaced that annoying quality with two new ones: The "kiss groan" (Please tell me ya'll hear it too! That awkward groan/moan when he kisses, ew!) And the Johnny Cash blazer (anyone else start humming "Ring of Fire?") I'm really not a hater, but TARA COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER! And after four engagements, you'd think her date-o-meter would guide her a bit better. I don't know if timing is on their side, but I'm going to start praying that it isn't, because I'm not sure how much more of him I can handle. 

How sad that Mark, my gorgeous South African hunk, is leaving for six weeks? I have learned that when you date and put yourself out there emotionally, you become vulnerable to anything that happens moving forward with that person. And now he drops this bomb on me! It posed some really tough questions for me: Do I just call it quits with him? Do I try to make it work long distance? Do I hit the pause button for six weeks and put it on hold? Or do I just chalk it up as a loss and be grateful for the time we had together while we had it? It comes down to one simple answer for me: Timing. For some reason, Mark and I aren't meant to be together right now, and although that's a tough pill to swallow, there is a reason why. Saying goodbye to him was emotional for me, but maybe by Mark leaving my life it's just making room for someone else to enter it. And how ironic is the timing of Matt asking me to be his date to his Leadership Gala and then asking me to go away for the weekend?! I guess only time, or timing, will tell….

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