Drew reveals his trouble-making alter ego.

First of all let me start off by saying I love Episode 3. I don't believe Courtney when she says she and Matt have never fought before. I'm calling bull. Seriously, all friends have disagreements, it's part of life. It didn't feel like Courtney was being genuine when she reached out to Neill. It seemed like she was only doing it to make Matt happy. If I were Neill, I would keep a dagger in my purse when going to meet Courtney. 

Seriously, who has time to for a quick date in the middle of the day? Especially one that involves multiple women. Matt, come on, you have issues with women. You probably communicate better with woman, because you are horny. Matt, women think they can date you even though you make the point that it is not a date. You may think it's a hook up, but your girl thinks it is a date. This applies to all types of relationships, and I have been in the place of the girl in the past.

As for the Courtney and Neill meeting, Courtney, what are you wearing? It looks like a skinny moo-moo. Of course you are doing this all for Matt. Neill is kind of an "urban legend" for Matt if you will, because she has been around more than once. I hate to say it, but there are many urban legends about Matt. I feel like Courtney didn't apologize to Neill, but that is the closest we will every get. Courtney can't be sincere about her apology, because she is only doing it to please Matt. Courtney values Matt, and having his approval is so important that she will do whatever it takes.

I was excited for the bachelor auction. It was perfect opportunity to let "Drewcifer" out. Drewcifer is kind of my alter ego, who often likes to stir the pot and cause trouble. And buying Glenn was the perfect opportunity to do that. Yes, I do love screwing with people. At the auction it looked like Matt had no game. I was actually shocked, because Matt claims to be the "ultimate package." Well that night he wasn't. I felt a little duped by Matt for false advertising. As for bidding on Glenn, I would have gladly paid more for him. Matt could have easily brought in as much as Glenn, but it seemed like he wasn't working the room. As for giving Courtney my date with Glenn, why not? It seemed like it might be a pleasant distraction for her from the drama of the past couple of days. I think Matt was disappointed with everything, because he wasn't the center of attention. And to that I say, "Wah wah."

As for the Courtney and Glenn date, I think Courtney was having a good time until it got intimate. I feel like Courtney didn't give Glenn a fair chance. So what if Glenn doesn't have everything you wanted on your list. Maybe that list is holding her back. 

I have one thing to say about Matt's date with M.J. -- those lips are shinier than a brand new red Ferrari. Seriously, Matt, where do you find these girls? 

I felt sorry for Tara, because her date was horrible. Jesse was a total douche bag and a $30k millionaire. He was driving a very old Porsche that basically screamed D.T.F.  I'm proud of Tara for finishing the date, because I would have been trying to find an excuse to get out of there. I wouldn't have sat through all that bullshit.  

Anyway that's all I have this week.


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