Class Flirt

Class Flirt

Glenn reveals that he's always been a big flirt and explains the difference between his and Matt's approach to women.

Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the season premiere of Most Eligible Dallas and that my crazy antics brought some laughs to your Monday night.  

This episode was especially fun for me, because you get to know a little bit about each of us. I think it's pretty obvious that I try and enjoy life as it comes, be honest, make people laugh, and I love to flirt. (I wasn't class flirt in high school for nothing!) 

When we all went to dinner and Matt brought Neill for us to meet, my eyes were pleasantly surprised -- she is a doll. I love Courtney to death, but I didn't think it was fair for her to give Neill such a hard time right off the bat for being out with us on a weeknight just because she has a son. I completely agree with Courtney that your child should be your number one priority obviously, but that being said, just because you have a child shouldn't mean your social life is over, especially if you have a wonderful support staff to help you with your child like the grandparents. So that's why I was showing Courtney some tough love at dinner.  

Also in this episode you get to hear Drew's story of losing over 200 pounds! I am really proud of him for that. He was dealing with a lot in his life back then and could of kept feeling sorry for himself, but he decided to make a change. A change that could have ultimately saved his life. 

On a "lighter" note, I think it is obvious from this episode that Matt and I both love women, I mean heck, I can't even watch The Family Feud without getting turned on! We both have very different approaches though. I think Matt likes to have girls around a lot and bring them to different parties and events. This is great, and I totally respect that, but there is something so intriguing for me to go empty handed to an event or a party (with a stylish outfit on), because I love the thrill of possibly meeting a gorgeous girl there and trying to win her attention. I guess it is safe bet to say that I love competition. 

I was so excited to do the photo shoot with Kari Burkhardt, who is a wonderfully sweet photographer, and who also happens to be the wife of my agent, Erik Burkhardt. I wasn't sure if I was more excited to shoot with her to see how great the photos would look or to finally be able to eat something besides a rice cake in the last week. I guess you'll have to keep tuning in to see!  



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