Honey, I'm Home!

Honey, I'm Home!

Matt loves coming home to Courtney.

I'm glad that we are entering the second half of the season. There are so many amazing moments coming up that really showcase Dallas and our group of friends' dynamic. 

This episode was especially fun for me to watch because I've heard so many times about how crazy "dog napping" that poor animal was for Drew and Tara. I loved seeing those two get down and dirty. Tara and Drew aren't typically seen in that environment, so it goes to show how versatile we can be when it comes to our passions. 

I also enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with Neill in this episode. After DIFFA I had some making up to do without question, and I'm sure she's a bit skeptical, which I hate. I didn't want her to think that's what a typical date is with me, so I decided to do something special and do a private dinner. My good friend and one of Dallas' finest chefs, John, helped me orchestrate the first dinner at his new restaurant. It's important for me to show Neill that I care for her as a person and that I wanted to get away from the group stuff and get to know her a little better. It was surprising to hear she hunts and does so many things outdoors, because I picture her as a beauty queen/rockstar most of the time. It's big for me to try and get Neill to open up a little bit, because there is so much depth there, which I want to dig into and see what's beneath that great wall she has up. 

I'm also glad that Courtney is starting to open herself up a little bit. Mark is a great guy and a friend of mine, so I just hope she is herself here and doesn't try to be someone she's not. 

We all really enjoyed Rebecca as well. Glenn and Rebecca have had one of those on and off again type of relationships for five years or so. I envy Glenn a little bit here, because no matter what turmoil life throws his way or hers, they seem to always have each other to fall back on and make sense of things. I guess this is what Courtney and I have been for each other over the years...consistency in life is not easy to find. 

Of course my favorite part is the end, where you guys get to see a little bit further inside what a special kind of relationship that Court and I have. It's true, my mother and Courtney are the only women to have the key to my household, and they both use it well. Coming home to Court makes me feel at ease and makes me feel like I'm really home. Life can be quite demanding, so to come home to someone you love is refreshing. 

Who knows what the future holds, but right now I consider myself very lucky to have a great relationship with both Neill and Courtney. A man can never have too many beautiful, kind, caring people in his life. I'm starting to come into my own as a man and figure out what relationships are real and which aren't. It's time to start spending time where it matters, and I think over the next few episodes you start to see where this journey is really going. I'm in love with life and enjoying every minute of it. That's how I came up with the new life motto, "I would rather be more important to few and be real, than less important to many and be fake". 

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