It's All Happening

It's All Happening

Matt feels like things are really starting to come together for him.

Wow, I'm blown away by this episode…it's amazing. Its apparent to me while watching just how far I have personally grown as a man and how life-changing situations can happen to anyone at any time. The relationships are deep, the feelings are strong, and what's most important in life is what's most important in this week's episode. Family, faith, friendships, humility, giving, love, growth, balance, and being thankful just to name a few that come to mind. Being a person of faith, although not close to perfect, this is the first time I have felt like God was working through me and that things just started to happen the way they were supposed to all along. 

I think that in life it's crucial to try and achieve balance, so it's important to have some fun along the way of course. Having great friends to go spend a day by the pool with or coffee breaks at the office is just what makes stressful times seem not so bad. When Courtney comes to the office both my father and I seem to light up. She's one of the only people in my life that can walk into a room and instantly lighten the mood. Just like Courtney has throughout our friendship, she makes everything we were discussing make sense (still can't believe she fell for that trick with the rattle snake eggs ha-ha). It just feels right to have her as my date at the table with my family for the Gala, because this is the most important thing I have ever done. I know that The Leadership Foundation and Gala will be in my life forever, so at that table I wanted people that will also be in my life forever. 

The pool scene was not my most ideal surroundings but rather than be negative, I always try and choose to be positive. I didn't focus on everyone else that was there, just our group of friends. That's why Courtney and I sort of sat at an end of the pool by ourselves and had the chance to talk about some things that we have needed to discuss. 

Once it came to the day of the event, the nerves really went away and I felt a sort of calmness. Things got a little nerve racking when Court was late but, it's to be expected after all this time; I know better. The room was filled with the most influential friends and leaders that I have known. Having all the guys that I played with at The University of Texas really was dear to my heart. Vince Young and Colt McCoy are like brothers to me because of all that we have been through as quarterbacks. That taught us so much about life and how to be a good leader. 

Having the support of Tara, Glenn, and Neill was very special to our entire organization. They are all so busy with things in their own lives and to make this a priority is what sets good friends and great friends apart. It's about believing in people you care about, sometimes even going out on a limb for them.  

With all the craziness that had been going on lately, I just wanted to get out of town and go somewhere peaceful…away from it all. Things are going so well right now that reflection time is needed. So much has been going on with Court as well, so I thought it was important for us to both get away, so I asked if she wanted to join. I know that no matter what would happen out there, being best friends solidifies that fact that good times and growth are the only things that can come from it. Please help support (@LeadershipFound) and follow me on Twitter @mattnordgren for information on upcoming events and beneficiaries.


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