More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye

Matt was glad everyone got to see a new side of everyone this week.

I enjoyed this episode, because we get to see another side of each one of us. In particular I really enjoy seeing Drew's passion for DIFFA. It's a major deal in Dallas, and to be a part of it is a special thing. I was also on the committee a few years back and it is a rewarding experience to say the least.

For me, it's nice to see one of my passions in life...running. There's nothing better than good music, a great day, and a long run. See, I promise my life doesn't only revolve around dating and running around town... Although who doesn't enjoy those things, ha! I'm humbled by work, family, faith, an good, healthy living.

I hope you're all enjoying the show and watching this journey called life. Ask me any questions regarding any topic @mattnordgren on Twitter. Also visit my website for more contact info and detailed information on my foundation.

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