The Seventh Character

The Seventh Character

Matt thinks there's really a seventh character on the show -- Dallas.

What a rush it is to finally see our first episode after all the anticipation. This is the beginning of a story of six real life friends -- our ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and just a little thing called life’s journey. We are lucky to live in the amazing city of Dallas, Texas (our seventh and strongest character).  

I like the direction of the first episode, because it highlights those seven characters. Each of us is almost completely different than the next, ranging from our ages, families, styles, and orientations. Beyond those differences is friendship, and though we may all be a little different, we are real friends and stand beside one another through it all.   

Tara is like a sister. Glen and Drew are like brothers. Courtney Kerr is my heart and soul -- my best friend. The bond the she and I have is one that words cannot describe. Neill Skylar comes back into my life after having known each other for five years. She’s always been mysterious to me, but we never lost touch.  

The dinner did not go as I had hoped it would, but in life not everything goes as planned.  I believe that Courtney is just being protective. That’s her nature. I hope that this won’t be an issue, because Courtney is always going to be a part of my life no matter what. But at the same time I really want to get to know Neill after all these years.   

If you want to hear my thoughts, although sometimes pointless, about the show on a more regular basis follow @mattnordgren on Twitter. Mainly I just like to retweet posts from the rest of the cast, they say it better than I do. I hope that our lives are interesting enough to entertain but also inspire you positively in some way.


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