Tara's still not over how terribly awkward this episode was for everyone.

Wow that was quite an episode wasn't it? The word that kept popping in my head is the A-word. No, not that A-word, awkward. Awkward first dates, awkward dinners with friends, an awkward first kiss and a car accident on my first date -- Awkward!

Let me begin by saying that it's extremely hard putting your life on film for the world to see. Honestly it takes a lot of moxie. Everything is captured -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. That being said let's dive in!

I am so glad that we got to see Neill practicing in the studio and hear her sing. She is incredibly talented, and I am so proud of her for following her dream.

Watching dinner with Matt and Courtney was upsetting. I hate when my friends are not getting along. I could feel the tension coming through the TV screen. You both are such amazing friends that I hope you get this behind you so you can move forward.

I don't ever think I've seen Drew so at a loss for words or so miserable. The silences were palpable. I loved watching Drew with the matchmaker. Drew why wasn't I there with you and Daylon?

One of the things I love the most about Matt is his honesty. He is one hundred percent upfront with every girl and lets them know he is not looking to settle down. The awkward glances and comments the girls gave each other at the table were odd considering that everyone knew where they stood. Matt never misleads anyone. He had three beautiful women's undivided attention, now that's talent!

How handsome is Glenn? It is kind of ridiculous that he has that face, body, and is such a sweetheart!

Now on to my first date with Jody. Where do I start with all the awkward things that happened? Bowling was absolutely taking me out of my comfort zone. I was surprised in this modern age of technology that bowling has not caught on to real sanitation standards. You have to borrow bowling shoes and all they have as protection are cotton socks? The germ monsters that dwell on those shoes and no protection against them but a thin pair of socks? O.M.G. gross! Considering I was a bowling first timer, I have to admit, I was pretty awesome. 

Now on to the first kiss awkwardness. Who hasn't been there? The back and fourth of do I don't I? Well let me give you advice on this topic. If it doesn't happen naturally during the date, it's going to wind up always being the awkward at the door good-bye kiss. Maybe the fender bender didn't help, but it was truly awkward. Let's just say it should happen naturally.

The most awkward moment tonight was the dinner with Neill. I knew that Courtney was ready to apologize to Neill and move on. I don't think that Neill was ready to accept her apology. I should have hired someone to announce the fight blow by blow and round by round. Neill got some good punches in. At a certain point during the dinner I just looked down at the plate and hoped it would end if I just stopped talking. 

I have to admit I was shocked when Neill said Courtney drinks too much. That's not the case at all, and I know her like the back of my hand. I wish more than anything that Courtney and Neill would just get past this bumpy beginning and get along.

P.S. Courtney, seriously? Pleated pants? Come on!


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