The Quintessential Dallas Girl In Stereo

The Quintessential Dallas Girl In Stereo

Tara introduces herself and talks about (and refutes) some of the common Dallas stereotypes.

Wow, I can't believe our show has finally aired. The anticipation was killing me! Welcome to my life, and I hope you will enjoy going on this journey with me. 

I want to start by introducing myself. Yes, blonde hair and big boobs are what you see when you look at me. But I am a lot more than that. I'm a daughter, sister, friend, businesswoman, animal rescuer, and proud Texan. There is always so much more to people than the typical stereotypes. 

Just as I am not a simple stereotype, neither is Dallas. I honestly have educated people ask me if I have an oil well in my backyard or if I ride a horse to work. Seriously? Dallas has the largest art district in the United States. It would make even JR Ewing proud! Because of our economic strength, a large amount of Fortune 500 companies call us home. Despite what you may think, Dallas is a thriving cultural and financial city that I'm honored to call home.

I am so happy that tonight's episode highlighted another one of my big Ds -- dogs -- and Paws in the City, my charity. PITC is absolutely my passion. When I was presented with the opportunity of being on a reality show, I was scared to death. The thought that cameras would follow me around 24/7 and capture every single intimate detail of my life terrified me. What scared me more was missing the opportunity to talk about my charity Paws In The City and animal rescue. There is a stereotype out there of over the top animal rescuers that throw blood when people wear leather. I want to put that stereotype to bed. My goal was to shed light on adoption and spaying and neutering. I wanted to show that anyone can save a animals life. 

Now that I'm off my soap box back to my friends.

My Drew -- talk about defying stereotypes and not defining them. There is a very special place in my heart that will always have Drew's name on it. Like I said, if anyone messes with Drew, I'll rip their eyes out. Courtney's my Southern belle, don't ever try to put her in a box. She is the funniest person I know, and her pure heart is complimented only by her beautiful soul. Matt has always treated me like a lady and always supports charities, including mine. I heart Matty! Glenn always puts a huge smile on my face. He has a glow that follows him everywhere. Neill is our newest friend with the beautiful smile. She lights up the room when she walks in. I was so incredibly blessed that I got the opportunity to go on this crazy ride with such a wonderful group of people. 

Stereotypes, you can laugh them off, embrace them, or defy them, but at the end of the day, be true to yourself and follow your dreams. I would love to hear your dreams, thoughts, and comments. Tweet me @taraharper01!

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