Episode 1: Plenty of Fish in the Big D

Episode 1: Plenty of Fish in the Big D

Season 1 |
Aired: August 15, 2011

Matt Nordgren is the central connection in this socialite group. An all-American, blue-eyed, Texan charmer, the former Longhorn Quarterback is always seen with a different girl on his arm, much to his best friend, Courtney Kerr's, disapproval. Following another night working the red carpet, young philanthropist Tara Harper picks up the newest rescue dogs from a local shelter. In his down time during the NFL lockout, punter Glenn Pakulak thrusts himself into the world of fitness modeling, showing off the good looks he's been blessed with. For Drew Ginsburg, the heir to a chain of luxury car dealerships, meeting a man isn't as easy commanding the road in a $200,000 exotic sports car. With a new found confidence after losing close to 200 pounds, Drew's ready to meet his match. Drama ensues when the gang meets the latest addition to Matt's blond-tourage -- a gorgeous singer and single mom, Neill Skyler, who just moved backed into town. 

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