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15 Fancy Bathroom Accessories for Under $50

Does your loo need love? A new sleek shower curtain, some good soap, or a cute bath mat can change everything!

By Angela Law

I’ve been on airplanes with bigger bathrooms than the one in my apartment. If you sit on my toilet, you can rest your head on the sink (that is, by the way, about the size of a tissue box) and rinse your feet in the tub all at the same time. Ah, yes. The tub. If you are over 5 feet tall, you can forget about sitting in it with legs extended.

But the thing is, I love my bathroom. I have all the essentials. And, I’ve figured out how to make it my own little sanctuary without a lot of extra stuff. You see, it’s all about accents. You don’t need every bathroom accessory ever made to have a fabulous washroom. The shower curtain that matches the toilet seat cover that matches the towels just feels dated and heavy. The modern bathroom shouldn't look like it came straight out of a catalogue. It should include pieces that put a smile on your face, products that make you feel fancy, and lots and lots of personality.

Below are a few bathroom accessories that I think would jazz up any bathroom. Mix and match. Pick the one item that moves you most. Most importantly, be inspired to create your own special space.

Desert Sun Bath Collection

Let's be honest. There's a lot of boring downtime in the bathroom and we can all probably use some more fun things to look at. I mean, how many more times can you read the back of a shampoo bottle? I digress. Point being, here are some shiny new things you can stare at while you're brushing your teeth. Beautifully handmade of glass and brass, this set has an authority that can instantly pull any bathroom together. 

H+M Tassled Bath Towel

Nothing will perk up a bathroom like a set of fresh, lush, colorful towels.

Bathage Shower Curtain

Showering with a plastic shower curtain is basically like showering in a giant garbage bag. If you want an elevated bathroom, you need cloth in your bathtub. This one is designed in Brooklyn and made of a gorgeous, textured, waterproof, and mold-resistant fabric that adds a nice splash of color without being too loud.

Brass Wire Hamper with Wheels

Hi, I am a grown-up with clothes that are nice enough that I take care of them even when they are dirty. 

Flaurel Kimono Removable Wallpaper Roll

Every room can use an accent wall. If you go for something as vibrant as this wallpaper, your job is pretty much done and you can just leave everything else white.

GuRun Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

No more having to bend over the sink to put on your eyebrows! You really don't know what a treat these mirrors are until you have one.

Teak Bathtub Caddy

This should be the image that pops up when you google, "my best life." If you have a big enough bathtub where you can do this, you are pretty much obligated to.

Minimal Rose Gold Standing Bathroom Storage

Because unless you live in an underwater dorm room, there is no reason why you are still messing with plastic storage shelves.

Ellia Calm Waters Porcelain Aroma Diffuser

Bathrooms are supposed to smell clean and nice, at all times. To help that along, a scent diffuser is an absolute must. Pour the essential oil of your choice into the base and enjoy as the scent is disseminated by the petals.

Vintage Toilet Paper Holder

Can your toilet paper holder or doorknob be a little more interesting? The answer to that question is usually yes — especially when you don't have a lot of extra space to play with other bathroom accessories.

Glass Storage Canister with Wood Lid

Cotton swabs are the little luxuries in life that you never remember to use unless they are right in front of you. If you can spare the space, displaying swabs, cotton balls, and natural sponges can look quite chic and spa-like.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

This is the ultimate beauty-brag item that you leave out so your guests can ask, "What's this wierd thing?!" And you can say, "Oh, it's the best comb ever made. Cara [Delevingne] and Victoria [Beckham] love it, too."


If you are really into the idea of spas, you need this showerhead for your bathroom. It will change your life.

West Elm Hanging Planter

Not sure why bathrooms always get overlooked in the plant department. Ferns and succulants are particularly perfect for these small containers and love the constant humidity that only a bathroom can offer.

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

Yes, the last thing I am recommending here is soap. Very, very expensive soap. I am telling you, this was the first fancy, grown-up thing I ever bought for my bathroom and I never turned back. It makes every trip to the bathroom a pure joy.

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