No Closet? No Problem! Here Are 11 Clothing Racks We Love

No Closet? No Problem! Here Are 11 Clothing Racks We Love

No closet space, no problem. 

By Patricia Cunningham

In divided times there is one thing we can all agree on: More closet space is always a good thing. And whether you are a city dweller, where closets are considered a luxury on par with windows that don’t face dumpsters and running water, or if you live in the burbs and your family members are just done with you hogging their closets, who can’t use an extra place to park their stuff?

The problem is getting a new closet built in can be a drag — there are permits, contractors and construction that make it prohibitive for many of us. However, there is a low cost solution that could solve all your storage issues with zero trouble at all — a clothing rack. I know what you’re thinking, unsightly chrome rod on wheels that constantly tips over. Nope, clothing racks have come a long way. In fact, they’ve gained so much functionality and style that they have become the fashion fiend’s preferred mode of storing stuff. There is just something about seeing all your lovely colorful threads and accessories exposed to daylight and having them easily accessible. So much so that lowly clothing rack has garnered its own popular hashtag

When it comes to buying one, the selections are endless, so we’ve rounded up a few favorites that will look good in any space. 


Cameron Clothing Rack


Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, the Cameron clothing rack checks all the right boxes: Room to hang all your clothes, two lower shelves for boxes and shoes and an upper shelf for decking it out with plants and hats. Oh, and we love that pretty lilac color.


Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack



If pared down industrial is more your thing, this one is for you. Constructed of steel pipe, it includes a wooden base for your odds and ends. And sturdy steel casters means it can easily be moved around.


Leni Leaning Mirror



The Leni rack conveniently includes a mirror and several hooks and rods for hanging clothing and accessories. A perfect catchall, its stylish profile makes it ideal entryway material.


Espinal Garment Rack



This small profile rack is a perfect closet booster when space is at a minimum, like in every city apartment everywhere.


Iris Metal Garment Rack



But if you have an additional 20 inches to spare, the Iris rack includes stacked shelves for all your sweaters and tees.


Leaning Clothing Rack



Got a bit of a shopping habit? The truly ingenious feature about this clothing rack is that no matter how much you overload it, it won’t tip over. Add some shoeboxes below and you are all set!


Double Rail Clothes Rack



But if you’re simply and inveterate clotheshorse who views her wardrobe as a work of art (and who among us doesn’t?) then this dual rod pipe rack is right up your alley. We’re talking 80 inches of horizontal hanging space here!


Langria Bamboo Garment Rack



Don’t let the absence of a coat closet turn you off that awesome apartment with exposed brick and pine floors. This garment rack incorporates its own tree stand for coats and accessories.


Ufine Garment Rack



Need a bit more shelving space? This bamboo rack comes with three plus six knobs for hanging all your bric-a-brac. It’s angled profile helps conserve valuable space.  


Mack Clothing Rack



Chic, minimal, mobile and designed not to fall over on you’re when you’re freaking out about having nothing to wear.


Single Rod Garment Rack with Shelf




The best thing about this rack? The price. What beats that?

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