14 Fetching Holiday Gifts for Humans Obsessed with Dogs

14 Fetching Holiday Gifts for Humans Obsessed with Dogs

All approved by a certified crazy dog person.

By Patricia Cunningham

We all have that one friend or relative, right? The one who talks baby talk to her pet pooch while ignoring other people in the room, lets it smother her with kisses (on the mouth!), totes it around in a carrier meant for human babies, spends endless hours out walking it in the park, indulges it with home-cooked organic chicken with basmati rice and artisanal treats, and drinks from a porcelain mug emblazoned with the words DOG MOM… Well, who is she ‘cuz she sounds like someone this self-professed dog lover and her pup ought to know?!

Honestly, is there any love more pure than the love of a dog? Let’s celebrate it and get our dog-loving friends gifts that honor their affection for these wondrous furry creatures that we as humans are so lucky to have. #dogloverforever #obvs

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Has your dog-loving friend always wanted to know the true lineage of her furry pal? This kit lets her find out. It's also great for identifying a dog’s unique behavior and wellness needs.

Furbo Treat-Tossing Pet Camera

It’s a treat-tossing pet camera. I repeat: a treat-tossing pet camera. If this one is not already in your cart there is something wrong.

Personalized If My Dog Could Talk Book

Create a book totally customized to Mr. Furrydoodles. Your dog daddy pal is going to love you forever.

BarkBox Gift Subscription

A subscription to BarkBox is the gift that keeps on giving. Every box is packed with crazy dog lover inspirations.

Bad Dog Wisdom Diner Mugs

There’s a lot we can learn from our furry friends, especially the naughty ones.

Belly Scratch T-Shirt

The shirt that honors the question great minds have asked since time immemorial: Who needs a belly scratch? Who does? Who?

Picture Your Pet Custom Tote Bag

Artist Amitie Tofanelli will craft a one-of-a-kind portrait of your friend’s fur baby on a sturdy twill tote. Grocery shopping with the pooch will be so meta.

Custom Painterly Pet Portraits

Or better, have a gallery-worthy portrait painted.

BarkBook Bundle


The book Dogs and Their People celebrates the extraordinary bond between humans and their pups — and it comes with a special toy version stuffed with squeakers for Mrs. Whiskers.

Dog Tail Magnet

These cheeky magnets will get a prime place on any dog lover’s fridge.

Dog Blueprint Pillows

This plush double-sided pillow pays homage to a favorite dog breed. Lab, basset hound, pug, you name it!

Knit Dog Ornaments

Make the season furry with these hand-knitted doggie ornaments. 

Choose Your Dog Breed Neck Tie

Make every day Take Your Dog to Work Day.


For some dog obsessives, shoes are not enough, that's why there's Shoodles — shoes with doodles about dogs. Park time is never going to be the same.

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