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This Genius Wine Opener Is Going to Change the Way We All Drink Wine

Treat yo'self to a glass of the good stuff ... minus all that guilt.

By Courtney Thompson
Everything You Need to Stock a Bar Cart

If you’re a wineaholic like me, then you’ve been there. It’s a random week night, you’ve got Real Housewives on DVR and you want a glass of wine — but you’re flooded with guilt at the though of opening a new bottle. The cursed guilt! Per usual you’ve only got the nice stuff on hand and the idea of opening an expensive Cabernet Sauvignon to have just a glass (or two) seems wasteful. And we all know that once uncorked and corked again oxidation begins and the wine never tastes quite right when reopened a few days (or weeks) later.

What’s the solution? Coravin. The best kept secret of wine aficionados, this accessory manages to give you that glass you so deserve without actually uncorking your bottle. Here's how: The Coravin system comprises a thin needle that slices through the bottle’s metal wrapper and cork and pours wine into your glass without actually exposing the wine to oxygen, as well as argon gas capsules that pressurize the bottle so that it can continue to age (and not spoil!). After the needle has been removed from the bottle, the cork naturally reseals, never allowing oxygen to touch the wine. Ho-ly science lesson!

While on paper Coravin is a luxury product offering a luxury service — and admittedly, it’s going to make your home bar setup look a whole lot more professional — I’m here to tell you it’s not only for fancy wine peeps. Personally, I consider any bottle that costs more than $15 to be “nice.” I don’t own a wine fridge (or cellar, for that matter) and I chill my reds and whites in my regular ol’ refrigerator alongside my milk and orange juice. And yet, this gadget is fixing all my wine problems for me. Regardless of where you land on the wine spectrum, Coravin brings us all the freedom to have a guilt-free glass of wine, and we no longer “have” to drink the entire bottle for fear of it going bad the next day. That’s right, Coravin is keeping us from a dreaded hangover. 

Another situation where it saves the day? Those nights when you want Malbec, your bestie prefers Chardonnay and your sister only drinks Pinot Grigio. Now you can all have a glass without opening three bottles or having to compromise and drink what your someone else prefers.

The best part? It’s way easier to use than a traditional cork screw! The hard part? Choosing which one to get! The Model One is good choice for wine newbies who are casual drinkers and just starting to learn about wine. The Model 2 Elite is a solid entry point for wine lovers who are drinking regularly (I’m obsessed with the pretty rose gold hue!), and for those who want the slick carrying case and storage base, the upgrade to the Model 2 Elite Pro is definitely worthwhile. Love you some bubbles? The Model Two Elite Champagne Plus option is the way to go. 

Shop all of the line below, while dreaming of all the wine you're going to be drinking this year.

Coravin Model Two Elite System, Rose Gold

Coravin Red Model Two Elite

Coravin Model Two Elite, Silver

Coravin Model Two Elite, Gold

Coravin Model 2 Elite Pro, Rose Gold

Coravin Model Two Elite Champagne Plus Pack with Aerator

Coravin Model Two Elite Pro System Bundle, Matte Black

Coravin Model One Wine System

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