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Empowering Art! 15 Kid-Uplifting Quotes That (Almost) Do the Parenting for You

They're looking at you like you're a broken record. And, TBH, you kinda are. Here's help.

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Let’s face it: Every day our kids are being bombarded with messaging that isn’t coming from us. From salacious magazine headlines to inappropriate ads that pop up while they’re playing on our phones. It’s confusing to be a kiddo in this day and age, which is why I love filling my home with empowering and inspirational quotes (of my choosing) that serve as little subconscious reminders to my brood day in and day out.

As a mom to four kids, I can attest that each of my children has specific strengths … and weaknesses. While my oldest daughter is brave and outspoken, she needs reminders that she’s loved and that kindness is important. One of my sons, however, is the sweetest, most thoughtful little boy you’ve ever met, but struggles with being independent. Yes, I could offer them words of wisdom to reinforce the lessons they need, but if I’m being honest, my kids tend to think of me as a broken record and my, “Be kind today!” sentiments often fall onto deaf ears.

How to hammer home the lessons our kids are tired of hearing us harp on and on about? Cool artwork, of course! I recently headed to to find me some kid-friendly typography pieces that underscore the areas each kid of mine needs. More than just a pit-stop for wedding invitations and Christmas cards, Minted is a design marketplace representing artists from around the world, and offering thousands of pieces that are perfect for your kids’ bedrooms. Or, in my case, in the kids’ bathroom — so they can look Jessica Ogden’s rad limited-edition print “No Rain, No Rainbows” as they brush their teeth twice a day.

While shopping for my pieces, I found the site’s user experience to be super intuitive, with lots of clearly-spelled-out optionality. For instance, you can easily elect to add the artist’s signature (or not) and once you choose a print size (Minted shows a model holding all available sizes in her hand as a point of comparison), you decide whether you want to frame your piece. Heads up: Framing will double or triple your total costs.

My prints — both framed and unframed — arrived in seven business days, and all but one was in pristine condition. Which leads me to another reason why Minted is now my jam: The customer service was outstanding. Within minutes of calling I was speaking with a representative about how one of my frames had been hung upside down (the wire on the back of the frame was on the wrong end), and she not only profusely apologized but also quickly assured me they’d be replacing the item free of charge and shipping me a new one asap. It was definitely the easiest customer service call I’ve made this year, and believe me, I’ve made many!

Below I’ve selected some of my favorite empowering quotes for the kiddos in your life, ranging from reminders to be yourself to never, ever give up. Beyond A+ messaging, the beautiful imagery and gorgeous framework are going to up your home’s wall game in no time.


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

On those days when they feel like they wanna stop — remind 'em they can't. And they won't. 



Unique Fishy

The kid-friendly artistic version of that age-old lecture millions of parents have given. You know the one ..."If you're friends jumped off a bridge, would you?!!"



No Rain, No Rainbows

A gentle (and literal) way to remind little ones that tough times can have happy endings. 



I Pick You

So obvious to parents, not always so obvious to kiddos. This is a way to make sure they never, ever, EVER forget.



Be a Pineapple

They'll never look at pineapples the same, you'll love the imagery (and the typography) and we'll all benefit from the lesson.



Bloom Where You Are Planted

Any statement that encourages little ones to flourish and grow is exactly what we want to be sending to their tiny minds.



Shining Stars

When they (and you) have the a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day, silently point your finger at this pretty piece of art to remind them that tomorrow is a brand new day.



Make Your Dreams Come True

Life for kids is chock full of So. Many. Rules. This whimsical artwork is a reminder that dreams are just as important (if not more so!).



You Are My Rising Sunshine

Was there ever a caregiver who didn't sing "You Are My Sunshine," to their bambino at night? This one is just as sweet for kids as it is for adults!



Follow Your Heart

The adage, "Follow your gut" is so very adult. I said it to my son recently and he replied, "What's a gut?" Following your heart, however, is more easily digested by kids and it's what we want them doing all day — what makes them happy and makes them feel good.



Love You!

As if they don't know! But ... for those moments when you're not there to plant a kiss on them, this bold-as-can-be print will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



A Little Kinder

We want so many things for our kids, but for them to be kind is chief among all our parenting goals. 



Rules to Live By

Check. Check. Check. These are the ideals we want drilled into their little minds.



Follow Your Dreams

When we they go to sleep at night, we want those little love bugs dreaming ... not stressing! This is a little reminder that they should chase their dreams and that you'll always support them.




It's easier to be a part of the pack, but let them know that standing out is just as cool.


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