We Put a Healthy Sorbet-Maker to the Test and the Results Were *So* Sweet

We Put a Healthy Sorbet-Maker to the Test and the Results Were *So* Sweet

Healthy desserts DO exist and this machine is proof. 

By Dina El Nabli

If you’re a fan of Oprah’s epic holiday gift list (more famously known as Oprah’s Favorite Things), then you’ve heard about Gourmia’s Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker. Since the words healthy and dessert don’t usually play well together, I had my doubts about this machine. I wondered if it was destined to end up in my basement storage closet (aka the kitchen gadget graveyard).

But here’s the thing: People love this healthy dessert maker so much, it sold out on Amazon well before the December holiday rush. So, when it came back into stock, I couldn’t wait to try it out. And let me tell you, the Gourmia lives up to the hype. What makes it so awesome? It’s pretty simple, really. This machine turns frozen fruit — literally any fruit you have on hand and freeze — into a super smooth sorbet.

I’m all about small kitchen appliances that are easy to use and this machine is as simple as it gets. It has just six parts so it’s quick to assemble. Using it is really easy, too. Just take your pieces of chopped frozen fruit and drop them down the chute and it’ll instantly dispense an original sorbet creation.  


Once we were ready to try it, we realized all our fresh fruit was in the fridge and not frozen. So we scoured our freezer looking for a store-bought bag and found some frozen organic raspberries. We cut them up into small frozen blocks and put them into the machine. My kids had never tried a raspberry sorbet and they were instant fans. I loved that there were no added sugars or ingredients none of us could pronounce — just fresh fruit in frozen form.

I also figured out a few things that made our frozen dessert way better the second and third time we used the machine. If you like a softer consistency sorbet or ice cream, you’ll need to thaw your fruit for five minutes or more. And because my family is all about the sweet treats, I knew frozen raspberries alone weren’t going to cut it every time. When I make smoothies for my kids, I always mix in a sweeter fruit like pineapple or a ripe banana and I knew I had to do the same with the dessert maker. So, for our next creation, I froze a couple of peeled, ripe bananas. I also sliced up an apple and froze some blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, all in separate bags.

The Gourmia comes with a recipe book for fruit ice creams and since my son is obsessed with apple pie, we made the apple pie frozen fruit first. After thawing the bananas and apples, I sprinkled some cinnamon over the fruit, ran it through the machine and we had an instant dessert. The consistency was more like a sorbet than an ice cream so we froze it for a couple of hours and ended up with apple pie in the form of ice cream which took a la mode to a whole new level.


The best part? At just under $60, the frozen fruit dessert maker is very affordable. We’ve had ours for a month and it’s still in regular rotation. If you eat a lot of fruit, you’ll love making your own frozen mashups. The combo possibilities are what make this machine so much fun to use. The biggest plus if you have kids? They’ll get excited to eat fruit. In fact, my daughter is now all about trying new fruits like kiwi and mango, both of which count as semi-exotic for a 7-year-old picky eater.

What else do you need to know if you’re planning to buy the Gourmia?

1) Not every fruit combo will be a hit with your kids which is why you’ll need to experiment. Think about your favorite smoothies, only turn that combo into a frozen fruit dessert treat instead.

2) The machine is easy to clean but you’ll need to hand wash the pieces right after each use.

3) If your husband tries to add sugar to your raspberry sorbet, just say no. This machine is about eating fruit in its unadulterated (yet frozen) state — with nothing else added. Once you appreciate that, you’ll be able to have all the guilt-free dessert you want. And, as Oprah says, frozen berries and bananas equal zero Weight Watchers points.

4) Then again, if your sweet tooth gets the best of you, I don’t see an issue with sprinkling some chocolate sauce on your soft-serve frozen treat (because chocolate, people) but you didn’t read that here.


Gourmia GSI180 Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker


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